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07-Nov-2018 20:40

But in veterinary medicine, there is a mental disconnect between lumps in dogs and cancer, in spite of the statistics. Soft, squishy bumps under the skin could indeed be harmless lipomas. Three weeks ago, a client brought her dog in to have a lump checked out.

The answer to the question of what to do if a lump is found on a loved dog is this: go to your vet and get it checked! But, they could also be dangerous growths like mast cell tumors, hemangiopericytomas, subcutaneous blood filled hemangiosarcomas, or liposarcomas. This had been previously diagnosed as a harmless lipoma at another veterinary hospital. A fine needle aspirate was done on the growth at my hospital. Blood filled swellings have their list of possibilities too, but one of them is a hemangiosarcoma under the skin, a malignant cancer.

Sedation produces a milder effect than anesthesia [and is] used for less invasive procedures such as ultrasounds, bandage changes and minor wound repair.” Your pet may be given local anesthesia, which affects a restricted area of the body, for things like removal of a small skin mass.

General anesthesia is used for more painful procedures, such as spaying or neutering, mass removals, fractures, emergency surgeries, laceration repairs or abdominal masses.

In this state, your pet is unconsciousness and unable to respond to stimuli.

Kushner also recommends general anesthesia for dental issues to protect your pet’s airway and help with breathing as tartar is removed from the teeth.

As with all animals, senior pets should be prepared for anesthesia by having baseline blood work done before surgery so your veterinarian can identify any underlying problems and prepare for them.

If your pet has gained or lost a few pounds, your vet may need to adjust the recommended drug dosage and tailor it to your pet’s individual body weight, which can be a delicate balance.

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Specifically, if an older animal has low blood pressure, their blood flow may not be optimal and could result in the loss of organ function, especially the liver and the kidneys, Kushner said. Amber Hopkins, a veterinary anesthesiologist at San Diego’s Veterinary Specialty Hospital, said elderly pets often suffer from a variety of ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis that can result in complications.A certain reaction should be happening in the mind of the dog lover.

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