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26-Sep-2018 04:35

The nature of these cases we have seen have varied from a large FTSE 100 company summarily dismissing their Muslim employees, to attacks on public transport, and a number of schools denying their pupils prayer facilities.

“We call upon the government to urgently review incitement to religious hatred legislation, as it’s currently unworkable and thus efficiently exploited the far-right and elements of right-wing press to continually demonise Muslims and stir up intense hatred against them.” One victim of such hate crime is Nahella Ashraf, 46, who was wearing a headscarf when she was racially assaulted and spat on by a stranger as she sat in a restaurant in London earlier this year.

“The reality is that anti-Muslim hatred is no longer isolated to pockets of the United Kingdom, and it is a phenomenon that affects mainly visible Muslims at a street level, with the vast majority of victims being women and perpetrators male.

“We cannot also deny the fact that anti-Muslim sentiment has been amplified heavily through far right anti-Muslim networks, and these need to be shut down and challenged and social media companies have far more to do in this area.” Founder of Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND), Sufyan Ismail, added that the recent terror attacks had also provoked a spike in hate crime which will have contributed to the new figures.

Having said that, the refusal of the Prime Minister to guarantee the rights of EU citizens encouraged a small minorities of white disfranchised British to behave pathetically,” said Mr Hatton Jeff Cuthbert, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, the region that saw the biggest increase in race and faith hate crime, observed that some groups had "undoubtedly" used events such as the Leave vote to fuel hate crime attacks.

“We have seen an increase in the reporting of hate crime in Gwent over the last year.

“British people didn't vote against EU citizens, but to leave the EU.When informed of the new figures, faith groups and organisations representing foreign nationalities told they had noticed a “significant” rise in race and faith-based hate crimes to the extent that they had become a UK-wide phenomenon, and urged the Government to take “urgent” action to review their approach to such crimes.Speaking specifically on hate crime against Muslims, Iman Atta, director of Tell MAMA, said: “We have seen significant rises in hate incidents and crimes against Muslim communities in areas such as Greater Manchester, Kent, Liverpool and Wales, and these correlate with the findings of through an FOI request.In an emergency, always dial 999.” Responding to the figures, a Home Office spokesperson said: “Hate crime is not acceptable and those who commit these offences should be prosecuted.

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Our Hate Crime Action Plan has encouraged further action against hate crime across the police and criminal justice system.

Some groups have undoubtedly used events such as the decision to leave the EU and recent terror attacks as an opportunity to spread their message of hatred, division and intolerance.

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