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Jonathan: This is a kind of thing that started up in the last number of years, and what happens is it there's an organizer and you go to some dates in a two hour period. I'm sure they'll have questions for you, as well, and if for example out of those twenty dates, there are four or five that you would be interested in seeing again, you put a little check next to their name on your check list.

Perhaps you're interested finding out what the girls enjoy doing in their free time, their hobbies, what their background is.

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However, with Lightning Speed Dating, using your phone to enter your matches will provide you with instant results that same night.

Of course, if you actually dated 10 people in one evening you might pass out from exhaustion and would certainly wind up with an unflattering nickname if your scheme were ever discovered.

Enter speed dating, which requires almost no training except for the ability to stand up, sit down and move a seat to your right every time you hear a bell.

For example, if a man is interested in a woman, both will have a common friend organizing a dinner for both with friends.

The potential couple will for example not be seated together but be separated keeping a certain distance.Damages include, without limitation, physical damages, bodily injury and or emotional distress and discomfort.